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May 10 - 13, 2016

Dolce BallhausForum
Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1
85716 Unterschleißheim, Munich
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SAP Deutschland AG & Co.KG     SAP Deutschland AG & Co.KG
Hasso-Plattner-Ring 7 • 69190 Walldorf
Phone: +49 6227 74 74 74
Fax: +49 6227 75 75 75
E-Mail: info.germany@sap.com
Internet: http://sap.com

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management reduces the complexity and cost associated with managing permissions and passwords. The software helps you to integrate business processes and is designed to work not only with your SAP applications but with all of the systems, instances, and applications in a typical, heterogeneous and often global IT environment. SAP's identity management solution is also designed to work as an integrated component of your strategic application platform and to support an enterprise service oriented architecture (enterprise SOA).

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management features and functions:

  • Enable you to manage permissions across heterogeneous environments based on the business role of each user – simplifying administration and preventing unplanned access
  • Provide you with integrated management tools, including a powerful data synchronization and self-service interface that save time, reduce administration costs, and prevent interruptions to user productivity
  • Support uninterrupted business process flow across systems with enterprise SOA
  • Complement existing user management and administration technologies in the SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management is role-based, so it knows what systems each user should have access to in order to do their work. If a user changes position, SAP NetWeaver Identity Management can change those access rights accordingly. Administrators set up the roles, and the software takes care of synchronizing permissions across different systems and directories.

Self-service is another important feature of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management. It not only reduces the administrative and support cost associated with IT support, but it can also reduce the user's frustration level. It provides users with one place to go to manage their information and take care of tasks, such as resetting a password.

All of the SAP NetWeaver Identity Management functionality is delivered as a component of an integrated, open business process platform – so access and identity information can be correctly linked with systems, Web services, and business processes. And whether the systems are SAP systems or not, SAP NetWeaver Identity Management makes sure you have uninterrupted flow for your business processes across a heterogeneous landscape.

Sponsored events

Webinar: Identity Federation: Essential Building Block for a Winning Cloud Strategy in your SAP Environment 12.10.2010 , 2pm CEST, 12pm UTC
In this webinar, Martin Kuppinger will give an overview on the current and future role of identity federation in hybrid cloud infrastructures with a focus on SAP environments. He will be followed by Keith Grayson from SAP, who will be talking on SAP user management optimization through SAML 2.0.

Congress: European Identity Conference 2010 04.05. - 07.05.2010 , Munich
With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe.

Congress: CLOUD 2010 04.05. - 07.05.2010 , Munich
Kuppinger Cole are proud to announce the Cloud Computing Flagship Event for Europe: CLOUD 2010. Making Cloud Computing work for your enterprise, how to prepare for it and what the risks involved with a cloud strategy are - Join us in Munich for an exciting event beyond the hype.

Congress: Mittelstandsdialog Informationssicherheit 04.05. - 07.05.2010 , München
Die Sicherung der IT-Infrastrukturen und Anwendungen, der Datenschutz und die Einhaltung von Richtlinien und Vorschriften ist für jedes Unternehmen unverzichtbar, unabhängig von dessen Größe. Die Methoden und Herangehensweisen an das Thema der Informationssicherheit können sich jedoch erheblich unterscheiden. Der Mittelstandsdialog Informationssicherheit, der zeit- und ortsgleich mit Europas Leitveranstaltung zum Thema Identity Management, der European Identity Conference (EIC) stattfindet, bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, den für Ihr Unternehmen optimalen Weg zu einem sinnvollen Mehr an IT-Security zu finden.

Congress: European Identity Conference 2009 05.05. - 08.05.2009 , Munich
With its world class list of 130+ speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe.

Congress: 2nd European Identity Conference 22.04. - 25.04.2008 , Munich
For hundreds of Identity Management professionals, the European Identity Conference provides an unbiased source of new insights and ideas on a broad scale from business-oriented briefings to hands-on like workshop sessions, with a great number of best practices presentations from real world deployments. With its community-like social networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, the European Identity Conference has become an annual must-attend event.


Leadership Brief: SAP Security Priorities - 72017 07.08.2015 Matthias Reinwarth
Changing enterprise infrastructures and the overall growing threat level influence the security of all vital business-supporting systems and processes. Identifying the priorities for securing your SAP infrastructure and maintaining appropriate security is a continuous business and governance challenge.

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Executive View: SAP Cloud Identity Service - 71180 30.01.2015 Martin Kuppinger €190.00
SAP Cloud User and Access Management solution for simple onboarding of external users in B2B and B2C scenarios and for managing access of all types of users to cloud services, run on the SAP HANA platform.

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Executive View: SAP Audit Management - 71162 24.10.2014 Martin Kuppinger €190.00
Audits are a must for any organization. The massively growing number of ever-tighter regulations in the past years and the overall growing relevance and enforcement of Corporate Governance and, as part of it, Risk Management, has led to an increase in both the number and complexity of audits. These audits affect all areas of an organization, in particular the business departments and IT. Organizations must manage audits efficiently today. Managing what is audited is a starting point. Having an overview of the required audits and their schedule is a necessary beginning for efficient audit management. This enables planning and preparing audits to ensure that all requirements are met...

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Executive View: SAP HANA for Big Data - 70994 04.03.2014 Mike Small €190.00
Smart information is big data analyzed to provide answers to business questions. SAP HANA is the new runtime backend for SAP Enterprise Applications. It provides high performance database through “in-memory” processing and storage and is especially suited for instant analytics on the data managed by these applications.  It also includes integration with other sources of Big Data such as Hadoop...

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Executive View: SAP HANA Security - 70810 19.02.2014 Sachar Paulus €190.00
SAP HANA is the new runtime backend for SAP Enterprise Applications, and is especially suited for instant analytics on the data managed by the applications. This Executive View presents an overview on the security of SAP HANA and gives recommendations on how to address potential weaknesses...

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Product Report: SAP GRC Access Control 10 - 70737 10.09.2013 Martin Kuppinger €295.00
The standard solution for managing Access and the related risks in SAP environments. Implement SoD controls, keep privileged users under control, and know what could happen in your SAP systems.

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Product Report: SAP Business Objects GRC Access Control 15.04.2010 Sachar Paulus €95.00
The SAP BusinessObjects GRC Access Control (in short AC) solution is a powerful set of tools that help to automate risk analysis and mitigation for user and authorization management in SAP and non-SAP systems. It is a strong product for the SAP ABAP world, and is able to cover non-SAP systems using real-time adapters from Greenlight. It covers a substantial subset of the overall GRC requirements – it provides a leading-edge solution for SAP environments, which are at the centre of many IT environments and is able to perform as a realtime cross-platform solution. The core of the product suite - Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR) - is the most valuable part and helps effectively to reduce risks in ABAP-based SAP systems - and correspondingly in the implemented business processes - mostly by the set of predefined risks delivered with the product. RAR also supports non-SAP systems in real time due to the risk definition at business process level and the mapping to...

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