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May 14 - 17, 2013

Dolce BallhausForum
Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1
85716 Unterschleißheim, Munich
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Key Conference Topics

Managing Identities and Access to Information for Cloud, Mobile and Social Computing

Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing and Social Computing - each of these trends have been around for some time. But what we see now, is the convergence of those forces, creating strong new business opportunities and changing the way we use information technology to interact with our customers and to run our enterprises. It is all about the shift of control into the hands of users, far beyond of what we used to call consumerization. Identity and access is the key element in this paradigm shift and there is no better place to get the right input for your strategy than EIC 2013. It is about protecting corporate information while enabling business agility. Some of the sessions in this track:

  • Cloud and on-premise, internal and external, privileged and normal users with their mobile and classic devices - how to create an integrated infrastructure that manages access to information in any context
  • The New IT Organization: Service Focused IT in the Age of Cloud, Mobile and Social Computing
  • The Future of Cloud Identity
  • Providing IdMaaS (Identity Management as a Service) for Customer Managed Relationships and Partner Managed Relationships

Privacy, Data Protection, IT-Law

EU, US, OECD and worldwide regulatory frameworks for privacy, data protection and IT-law in general date back to the 90s and 80s or even earlier, long before social networks or even the internet itself appeared, bringing along a totally new quality of privacy risks. Together with the rising awareness for those risks, governments and regulators all over the world have started to create a new generation of governance, which is more and more influencing the way we use information. IT professionals today need to understand legal basics and should know, how the legal framworks will eveolve. Therefore, the legal aspects of privacy and data protection have become a key topic at EIC. Some of the sessions and workshops:

  • Privacy meets Business Needs: BYOD - lose-lose or just the right thing to do?
  • Big Data – Small Privacy?
  • EU´s General Data Protection Regulation: 10 uneasy Truths for any Business
  • Self Regulation in Data Protection: Effective Self-Defence or No Chance?

Cloud Governance

Virtually every organization today is using the Cloud in some way or another. But do organizations really know what they are using, not to speak about knowing what the Cloud Provider really does? Cloud services with their risk of data sprawl and the lack of control about corporate information is a hot topic for auditors today. Privacy issues, risk management for sensitive information, and other aspects gain more and more attention of auditors. But even besides the regulatory and internal compliance requirements, Cloud Governance and Stewardship are mandatory for any organization. How to enforce Cloud Assurance? How to know what the Cloud Service Provider is doing and whether this meets your requirements? And how to enforce Cloud Security in general? This track covers all these aspects. It is about managing the Cloud right to mitigate risks and gain maximum benefits from using the Cloud. Some of the sessions and workshops in this track:

  • Governance meets the Cloud: Why Traditional Governance Processes Fail and how to Extend them to the New Paradigm
  • Cloud Provider Assurance: Get what you Pay for
  • Beyond Checkboxes: How to Manage Cloud Risk.
  • Enforcing End-to-end Security in the Cloud

Beyond BYOD, IT Consumerization & Mobile Enterprise

With the shift of control to the user and the rapidly increasing diversity of devices, Organisations have to be able to learn, how their employees wantto work and how their customers want to interact, and provide an infrastructure that is flexible enough to support their current and future preferences. At EIC 2013, we will discuss with you the building lock of such an infrastructure.

  • Information Security and Mobility: Know the Risks, Fight the Threats
  • Mobile Device Management: Gaining Control and Transparency of Devices and Information
  • The Maturation Process of Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Business Process Consumerization

Life Management Platforms, Personal Data, Customer Managed Relationships

Life Management Platforms, somtimes (misleadingly) called "Personal Data (Storage)", or "Personal Clouds" or "VRM" if focused on customer/vendor relationships, will turn the way we use the Internet upside down and make privacy and reliably secure exchange of information a fundamental layer of any networked interaction. Business models based on the exploration of personal data and on user tracking will fail. Join us at EIC 2013 to discuss the business models of the privacy centered post-facebook era.

  • Life Management Platforms: Status, Trends, Standards
  • Trusted Identities and Trust Frameworks
  • Business Process Consumerization meets Life Management Platforms
  • Use Cases and Business Models

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The heydey of the digital revolution is yet to come, with the API Economy and Internet of Things giving us a first impression of what might be hidden behind his term. Connected Vehicles, Smart Grid, Medical Sensoring and Tracking, Smart Buildings - the IoT has many faces and is now taking off for a huge impact on our life and work.

  • Connected Objects, Real World Internet, Web of Things: Visions and Business Models in the IoT World
  • Reference Models and Initiatives and Architectures for the Internet of Things
  • IoT Security and Privacy Concerns and how to address them
  • Connected Vehicles, Life Management Platforms & The API Economy

(Big) Data Governance/Stewardship

Auditors today put specific emphasis on the tools which handle large amounts of data and which allow combination of data, like SAP BW. Big Data moves the capability of dealing and combining large amounts of data to the next level. However, the more you do here the bigger the risk. Big Data Security, Big Data Governance, and Big Data Stewardship as the overall concept including also data leaks and loss will not only become the center of attention of auditors but also set the focus on Data Security, Governance, and Stewardship. Last not least, understanding the capabilities of the API Economy for Big Data is a must.

  • Big Data Security/Governance: What to do here now
  • Big Data Stewardship as part of Information Stewardship
  • Moving from Big Data to Smart Data: Leverage the potential of the API Economy
  • Big Data – Small Privacy and little Security?

How to Build your IAM/IAG Infrastructure the Right Way – and Support Business Today

Many organizations currently are in the situation that they, on one hand, still have to do some homework in building their underlying IAM/IAG (Identity and Access Management/Governance) infrastructure. Implementing directories for internals and externals, implementing Identity Provisioning and Access Governance, Single Sign-On, etc. are things which frequently still need to be done. On the other hand there is the need to support new business requirements for instance for on-boarding of externals or managing access to cloud services today. This leads to the art of supporting business needs and agility today without losing focus.

  • IAM/IAG in the future: IT Paradigm defined by KuppingerCole
  • The IAM/IAG vision: how should your infrastructure look like
  • The Future of Authentication and Authorization
  • SAML is Dead?

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