European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016 Key Topics

New Security challenges are arising as business undergoes a Digital Transformation where everything is ever-changing and innovation happens at high speed.

  • New Thinking: From Digital Transformation to Perpetual Disruption

  • The five cornerstones of secure digital transformation

  • From Cyber to Physical: Security principles in the world of the Internet of Everyone and Everything

  • Risk Mitigation in a Digital Business World

  • The Future of Identity & Access: New ways of authentication

  • Business Centric IAM: How to focus your Identity Infrastructure on the Customer

  • Big Data versus Minimal Disclosure: Even in a world with less secrets privacy is still possible

  • Smart Manufacturing and Services: The important role of the CISO and how it's changing

  • GRC as a Service: How to better conform with new security compliance regulations

  • Cloud Computing: Why Certifications for Cloud Provider Selection are necessary


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Key Topics

  • From Digital Transformation to Perpetual Disruption

  • Talking about ways to successfully secure Business Transformation

  • Preparing for tomorrow's Risk Mitigation demands today

  • Focussing on your customer's Identity with Cloud IAM

  • Securing the Internet of Everyone and Everything - Everywhere

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